Customized Plastic Kids Cups

Customize our plastic cups for your restaurant or event (Fully customized cups also available)

Please note that our minimum order for any custom kids cups is 6,000- Thats 24 small cases you will have to order and stock.

That's not fun if you don't have the space but you can still get some great cups for kids at our original site, or learn about other stock and custom plastic cups at

Kid Cup: Pizza Chef

 Our Pizza Chef cup illustrates the love and joy of a craftsman at work taking pride in making a great tasting pizza.  Let your young customers be entertained and educated by Pizza Chef tossing the dough, creating the pizza and serving a hot, delicious meal.

Kid Cup: Pizza Chef Ad-Ring Style Image


Kids' cup: Ocean Friends

Ocean Friends Fun Kids Cups™ are deal for an enjoyable family experience at any aquarium, water park, seafood restaurant or waterfront hotel.  Depicting under-the-sea life, kids love these cute cups, lids and straws and the friendly sea creatures.   An exceptional value for any kid friendly establishment that wants to be remembered, these customizable plastic cups will keep your location front and center every time they're re-used at home.



Restaurant Cup: Forest Friends

Bright, crisp graphics of adorable woodland critters decorate the "Forest Friends" customizable cup.  Children find these rascals irresistible.  Our plastic cups can be found anywhere from the neighborhood establishment to the exclusive country club.  "Forest Friends" children's cups are also suitable for parks, hotels, resorts, country clubs, hospitals, water parks, pools, camps and special events - any place that strives to be kid-friendly and serves drinks

Custom Kids Cup: Forest Friends Ad-Ring style image.


Plastic Cup: Pizza Parade

The Pizza Parade customizable Children's Cup is all about creating fun and pizza's.  Fresh ingredients march behind the kitchen chef in bright, vivid colors with detail that illustrates our quality print process.  This customizable plastic cup is a great choice for any Pizzeria.

Like all Fun Kids CupsTM, Pizza Parade is a sturdy take-home plastic cup that can be washed in the dishwasher and reused.  What a great way to remind your customers to return for great tasting pizza and a fun atmosphere!

Plastic cup: pizza parade artwork image
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